Amy Soucy


Singer-songwriter Amy Soucy's This River is timeless, poetic songwriting exploring what it means to be human.

This River

© Amy Soucy


When darkness calls
And my house on the hill is
Shut up and silent I
Breathe in the chill
And the waiting begins
Like the whole world's at bay
Darkness has promised me
Just one more day 

And by day this river bathes me
I never knew that it would save me
Oh, oh, oh from my past

And the light in this place
Is frozen in memory
Where soft sullen lullabies
Drifted in sweetly
And parted the night
With their holy refrain
And you could not promise me
One more day


I am merely passing through here
Hoping with my lonely heart
I believe you look right through me
You don't see me come apart
I believe you can't imagine what I see