Amy Soucy


Singer-songwriter Amy Soucy's This River is timeless, poetic songwriting exploring what it means to be human.

Little Wooden Boat

© Amy Soucy


Here goes my little wooden boat
Over the deep dark sea
Gotta get across
You were meant for me
(You were meant for me)

And though I'm all alone
Sea is gettin' rough
Though I'm always told
I am not enough
(I am not enough)

I'm gonna make my dreams come true
I'm gonna make my dreams come true

The sky is lookin grim
The anchor's been lost
I will reach you still
Though I'm tempest tossed
(Though I'm tempest tossed)

And when I feel this lost,
And the horizon never ends
Days so desolate
I'll remember then
(I'll remember then)


Well I've been lost and lonely
ridin out these waves
But I can see the perfect skies
Shinin through the haze
Ooh - ooh, Aah - Aah


We're all just tiny human beings
Doomed to sail a restless sea
We can sail on suffering
Or set our sorrows free
(Our sorrows free)

We're gonna make our dreams come true
We're gonna make our dreams come true...