Amy Soucy


Singer-songwriter Amy Soucy's This River is timeless, poetic songwriting exploring what it means to be human.

Around the Bend

© Amy Soucy

Danny Boy was dancing in the colored light of day
We drove the clouds into the ocean, watched them roll away
I could hear you breathing, and I said a silent grace
Suspend me here forever, inside this time and place

And if I'm only dreaming and we cannot scale this wall
May the ocean raise its arms and catch us where we fall
Across a lonely continent you will  hear me call
And I will go on dreaming... love will save us all

Clear cuts broke the tree line and light defined the land
Our shadows folded into one and danced along the sand
The climb was steep and twisted, around another bend
Lay the great Pacific, a promise to extend

Let the bees keep buzzing, may the red kite's sway
Lift our vision high enough to see a better way
And if this day must die here, let the memory stay
And let me go on dreaming... love will save the day

Oh underneath a hollow tree, far above the swirl
Hoping every breath I take will stop
The turnings of this world

Now I go on hoping the messages I send
Ride the rolling surf until they reach you friend
For what is bruised and broken surely wants to mend
And grace it is an ocean just around the bend
And I will go on dreaming
I will go on dreaming... love will save us in the end